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Classic/Individual lashes: £20

2 week infills: £15

3 week infills: £18

Hybrid lashes: £25

2 week infills: £17

3 week infills: £20

Volume lashes: £30

2 week infills: £20

3 week infills: £23

Russian lashes: £35

2 week infills: £25

3 week infills: £18

Soak off: £5

How to care for your lashes

Don't get your lashes excessively wet for the first 48 hours

Don't wear mascara

Don't use sunbeds, saunas or steam rooms for the first 48 hours

Don't rub or pick at the lashes

Don't tint, perm or use lash curlers

Don't use any oil based cosmetics or moisturisers near the lashes

Do brush your lashes daily with a lash wand

Do gently wash lashes with lash cleanser as advised

Do keep up with regular lash infills, advised every 2 to 3 weeks.


What's the difference between the lash types?

Russian lashes give you a very full lash that is very dramatic. Volume lashes still give lots of volume to the lash but they look less dramatic. Hybrid is a mixture between individual lashes and a premade Russian fan in between each individual lash. Classic lashes are individual, they give a more natural look.

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